More About Christina

Christina was born in Leipzig Germany, into a family of builders and in interior designers. In her youth she experienced World War 2. After the war she witnessed the continuous senseless deterioration of her city which already suffered from the results of heavy bombing.

Her home and her fathers business were destroyed and because of the Russian occupation and its communistic system there was no hope to rebuild and to start new. Christina began to study philosophy and theology at Leipzig University, but in 1952 she was forced to fear for her safety and fled to Munich in West Germany. During her stay in Munich, she had her own antique business and repaired antique porcelain. Later, she accepted the counsel of a relative to continue her studies in the U.S.A. In 1956, Christina arrived in New York City, planning to study philosophy at Columbia University. When she became aware of the dynamic modern art movement in that powerful city, she changed her goals and began to study fine arts and fashion illustration under Dianna at the Art Students League of New York City. At that time, she came to meet and know artists Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Roy Lichtenstein, and others.

In 1958, while exhibiting her paintings at an outdoor show in Greenwich Village, Christina was introduced to Paul Lefson by Max Waldman, a well-known theatrical photographer.

Paul Lefson and Christina fell in love and were married. Christina continued her studies and the couple lived in their art studio/apartment on East 31st Street where Christina began to develop her creations in plexiglass. Plexiglass was not appreciated as a medium in fine art at the time. Christina Lefson was fascinated with its multiple uses, transparency, and flexibility. She ventured forth to be among the first artists to use this new and unique material to create three dimensional artforms. Sadly, in 1963, her husband Paul died in an accident while on a business trip to Chicago. Christina hoped to overcome her grief with total concentration on her work. She decided to continue her studies; this time in the Department of Fine Arts at Columbia University. She moved to the International House on Riverside Drive where Howard Cook was president at the time. Graciously, Mr. Cook offered the artist a large room in the building where she could continue to work on her unique sculptures. Soon after, during an exhibit of her works in the International House, J.D. Rockerfeller chose her sculptures to be exhibited at the Chase Manhattan Bank on Wall Street. She also had her plexiglass sculptures represented at the Frank Lawrence Gallery on 57th Street in New York City.

In 1966, the widowed artist married Barie Fez-Barringten, a student of architecture at Yale University. She moved to New Haven, Ct. and exhibited her works at The Boston Road Art Gallery. Christina Fez-Barringten was also involved in a new trend called"Art and Technology" with artists like Warhol and Rauschenberg and a group of employees from Bell-Laboratories, combining art with advanced techniques of lasers called E.A.T. (Experiments In Art and Technology)

Later while living with her husband in Puerto Rico, Christina created the exciting poster like collages. After moving to Tennessee the artist exhibited her works at the Jonathan Art Gallery in the city of Jackson. She also taught painting for the Tennessee Arts Counsel of the Arts, and won several prizes for her sculptures.

In 1980, Barie's business brought the couple to Saudi Arabia. There. out of necessity, Christina developed a unique style of acrylic paintings. To adhere to the strict Islamic rules which allowed no human images in art, she created large paintings with colorful, abstract patterns. These accentuated the stark, wide walls so common in that country. In 1986, Christina Fez-Barringten had a major exhibition in Ryadh sponsored by then U.S. Ambassador Walter Cutler. She participated in many group shows and was an art juror and teacher during her stay in Saudi Arabia.

Barie and Christina Fez-Barringten now reside in North Fort Myers, Florida. Christina applies her talents to paintings.